One little thing

Hello, blogland. I’m back. And it’s been an unintentionally long period of time since I’ve blogged, but I’m finally feeling inspired to write again, just wanting to record some thoughts from a conversation with a friend the other night.

Sunday night before church, one of my best friends, S, and I went to grab dinner. Back story: I’ve known her since my sophomore year of high school, and we became friends via myspace (it’s one of my favorite friendship stories ever). We stayed pretty decent friends in high school, and then I started college and we lost touch for a while…and then we both got broken up with by our boyfriends on the same day one spring and reconnected. Ha! Funny the way the world works, right? She started college a few months later and we kind of lost touch again, but then because of a series of unfortunate events, she returned to Gwinnett and we reconnected yet again and have been practically inseparable since. (That was all about a 7-year time span, btw.)

SO, (back story is actually relevant eventually) we were at dinner Sunday night and just talking about a bunch of random stuff, but then she brought up how her life has completely and perfectly changed, due in large part to finding a church home and making new friends through it…which led me to remember how the only reason I ever went on my first mission trip to the Dominican Republic is because I was sad and desperate for something in my life to change. Getting dumped led me to sign up for this mission trip (essentially), which introduced me to a country that now holds my heart. It allowed me to develop a relationship with my Savior and made me see that I need to hand over my entire life to Him. My mourning transformed into celebration when I discovered how faithful the Lord really is. I changed my major in college, formed some irreplaceable friendships, returned back to the Dominican Republic multiple times, have a church home and friends who became family. I’ve grown more than I ever thought possible in 3 years, and one little thing set my life on that trajectory. One thing that I resented happening, too, and now I’m so thankful that it did.

After returning home this past summer from my time in the DR, I decided to start attending the college ministry at church on Sunday nights and invited S to come. I don’t even really remember what spurred me to invite her, but I did. And she came…and has continued to come since. As we were talking on Sunday, she mentioned how returning to Gwinnett only a couple months after leaving for college (which wasn’t at all in her plan for her life) must have been exactly what God planned to happen to put her life on the trajectory it’s now on. It allowed us to grow our friendship again, leading me to invite her to church, and now everything has changed in a way that’s so much more than she could have imagined.

I always think about my life as little puzzle pieces — that the Lord has this entire puzzle put together, but for me, I’m only slowly figuring out what the puzzle looks like. Piece by piece, I’m fitting it all together and getting little glimpses of the life He has in store for me. The more closely I follow Him, the more the puzzle comes together. In retrospect I can always see the little things that He has done in my life that were part of a much bigger picture. Monday morning I drove to class with such joy rethinking about everything S and I talked about Sunday night. Seeing the way the Lord has worked in her life in the past couple years and even in the past few months is awe-inspiring. I am filled with so much joy thinking about how much our God loves us and how He works everything together.


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