Here comes the sun

This post has been a long time coming,but I’ve been waiting until everything was official before I blogged about it, and well…it took a while.

I started this blog last year as I was getting ready to leave the country for most of the summer. It was a way to keep friends and family updated while I was in Peru, and then I ended up just kind of keeping up with it whenever inspiration struck once I was home. And this summer was going to be part 2—the second summer of the blog. But then things started getting a little hectic and everything was up in the air. But I just got a phone call, and I guess everything has landed in its place, because next Saturday, June 22, I’ll be leaving to spend most of the rest of the summer in the Dominican Republic.

I am thrilled and scared and excited and most other emotions you could come up with. The Dominican Republic is a country that has my heart. It’s honestly so hard for me to explain to anyone why my first trip to the DR was such a life-changing one, unless I were to tell the story of my entire freshman year of college—and someday, I will tell that story. But for now, all I’ll say is that when March/April 2011 rolled around, I desperately needed a big-time change in my life. My best friend Lori and I signed on to Hebron’s mission trip to the Dominican. Lori had been twice before, but I’d never even been on an airplane, let alone on a mission trip to a foreign country. That trip changed a lot of things for me; it solidified my decision to change my major at UGA, it confirmed my desire to become fluent in Spanish, but most of all, it’s where I decided to get baptized, publicly declaring my faith and fully committing to follow Christ.

So less than a year later, I was packing for Peru, where I spent five weeks last summer, only to come home, unpack, repack, and leave again for the Dominican Republic—where I thought, surely the Lord won’t do more with me. What a stupid, stupid thought. My two weeks last summer in the Dominican were again, some of the best days of my life, so when I returned home, it was time to start thinking forward to summer 2013.

So here we are. After a lot of phone calls and emails, including “well, we don’t have a place for you to live currently,” I’ll officially be leaving for the Dominican Republic next weekend, where I’ll be until July 27. I will be interning in an orphanage down there for part (if not most) of my time, while possibly also working in a daycare in a high poverty area.

I’d also like to ask any of you readers to keep me in your prayers during this trip, for safety, for peace, for my nerves, and for the word of God to be spread. I pray that the Lord will not only change my life while I’m down there, but change the lives of all who I encounter and that I may show them the love of Christ through service. I also have a request for any who feel led to support me financially—I’m still somewhat lacking in the support I need to raise for this trip. The total cost is around $2,000. If you feel led to give (any contribution makes a huge difference), please message me on Facebook or email me laurengreene29[at]

I seriously appreciate any support, both financial and in prayer. I’ll be keeping up with this blog if I have internet access while down there, but if not, you can expect to hear from me again in August :)


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