History repeating

I have a serious love for things ending the way they began. One of my favorite Taylor Swift songs (I promise I have good taste in music too) opens and closes with nearly the same stanza. The song my best friend wrote for me starts and finishes with the same lines. One of my most favorite television shows, Private Practice, just had its series finale and (I won’t give anything away) the final scene is 100% reminiscent of the beginning of the series, which made me want to cry…Okay, I cried. I get emotionally attached to my tv shows. But there’s something so perfect about things ending the way they begin.

I have these photos from high school, one set from the end of sophomore year and the other from the end of senior year. Completely unintentionally, both are of the same group of girls (+one) in the same room doing the exact same thing, just a few years later. Ending high school the way we began it without even meaning to. Two of the photos I’m including in this post, but there are a good 30 from both years of us playing around in front of the camera.

So all of this got me to thinking earlier — why? Why do I love history repeating itself? I’m mulling over this, and here’s the conclusion I’m coming to: There’s something so beautiful about how eight thousand different things can happen to a person, but everything still ends up the same. Don’t get me wrong, change is good. I’m fully learning that and loving change lately, but it’s such a comfort to know that so much can happen, but the song will end the way it began. Friends will fight and argue and almost marry their best friend’s ex-husband, but in the end the whole group is standing around the counter sharing their newest patient dilemma (Private Practice right there). You can go through all of the ups and downs of high school, but still end up in the same room with the same group of friends, just three years older and wiser – hopefully. So much can happen, but there you are.

last day of chorus 047IMG_2270

In other, less introspective news, it’s 1 am and my new obsession that’s about to keep me up all night is the new-ish show on the CW, Beauty and the Beast. Mostly because Kristin Kreuk is in it and she as Lana Lang in Smallville will always be my favorite. My other current obsessions: Ruzzle on my iPhone, Pinterest again, and checking the weather 5 times daily because I’m so ready for the heat of summer to settle in. 90 degree days, I am waiting for you.

“You’re stuck in this revolving door and you keep going around and around. Don’t you get it? Nothing changes if nothing changes.”


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