Project Life: Peru

As, well, most everybody knows, this past summer I studied abroad in Peru. And, as a lot of people also know, one of my biggest hobbies is scrapbooking. I’ve done it since I was eight years old, and memory-keeping is just my favorite. As my favorite blogger, Kelly Purkey, tweeted earlier: “I always regret not taking more photos. I’m so greedy about good memories.” So true for me, too. It’s a curse – I want to enjoy moments by not having the camera out, but then (this semester especially), I regret not having more tangible records of things. I’ve gotta figure out the balance, but I’ve been really failing at that lately.

Anyway, not the point. My point, since I haven’t blogged in a while and don’t have much to say (all I do lately is school. In all honesty, no one wants to hear about school, nor do I want to talk about it), is to share some pages from my Project Life album I’ve been working on from my Peru trip. Project Life is technically for recording your everyday, week-to-week life in a simplified scrapbook, but I’m using the approach for my Peru photos/memorabilia rather than making a typical scrapbook.

So, opening page – trip to the airport with three of my best friends to see me off. I included screenshots of Twitter, since Catherine and I tweeted the entire journey, my plane ticket, and the “Fill me up” card. “Fill Me Up” is a wonderfully powerful song by Jesus Culture that we played in the car on our drive, and Cat, Meg, and Sarah all prayed for my trip for me (I have an obsession with car prayers, and no one knows that better than my best friends). Now, six months later, I still think of the drive to the airport every single time I listen to that song, so I definitely wanted to include the lyrics on the page.

The next page is all pictures from our first day in Cuzco, which included a hike through town to get to the top of the city – the view of all those rooftops is one of my favorite things. I was sure to pick up a brochure from the hotel we stayed in, AmerInka, because I knew I’d want to cut it up for my scrapbook. And the story about the dog – we stumbled across him as we walked through the city (stray dogs are so incredibly common there, it’s unbelievable), and he followed us the rest of the afternoon. We actually have a group photo (not on this page) with the precious little guy sitting in front of us.

A little later on in the book – our trip to Machu Picchu was definitely one of my favorite memories from the month, and I had so many pictures I wanted to include (I ended up with three pages of mountain-climbing pictures in the album). I had to include a little pocket folder to shove all the rest of my memorabilia from those two days into, because there were too many tickets and papers that I saved that couldn’t fit anywhere.

I also just want to take a second to talk about a list I posted on here a couple months back – the 20th thing on my list of 20 things I’ve learned since being 20 (whew, that was a lot of 20s): The hardest of lessons to learn can end up being the biggest blessings. It was true when I wrote it for a different reason than it is now (which is actually really ironic). But now…I just have to say – life lessons suck. Making mistakes is the worst. Realizing that your friends who “had a bad feeling” were right – no one wants that. But the hard lessons, they really do end up being the biggest blessings. God knows better than we do. And I am blessed. I am blessed to even be learning these lessons. As the lyrics to a worship song by a friend say, “Mystery unfolding, Your plan lies before me. I’ll stand and sing for You are faithful.” Sometimes the reason things happen isn’t clear, and we question God’s motive. But at some point, you can connect at least two of the puzzle pieces, and kind of laugh and say, well God, you were right again.

Keeping up with a blog was one of my goals on my 21 list, so I figured I needed to go ahead and give some sort of update on this thing. Maybe now that school is almost out for the semester (only 3 more semesters until graduation, hallelujah!), something more exciting will happen that I can blog about. Until then… :)


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