You blew right through like a hurricane

I tend to view my life in year markers: a year since we met, a year since that conversation, a year since being baptized, a year since that event. Year markers. I don’t know why they have so much significance for me, but here we are.

This week marks a year since becoming friends with my best friend, Catherine, and I’ve spent the past few days just thinking about all the changes we’ve both been through since we met. I met Catherine for coffee last September and we bonded during our two plus hours at Boulder Creek. I later found out that she had been praying for a new friend in the area at the exact same time that I’d been praying for one, so our friendship is definitely a gift from God, no question in my mind. It’s been an eventful year for the both of us, and every month or so we tend to look back and just laugh at everything we’ve been through – the things that we stressed out about even a few months ago that are now just another sentence in our books of life. It’s a blessing, truly, to have such an authentic friend there for you through it all.

But I’m not here to simply gush about having the best friends ever (although I do). Even greater is the blessing from God that is moving on from the past. Cat and I laughing about our lives a year ago is another reminder to me that something that I’m worried or upset about today won’t matter soon enough. A year from now, she and I will be sitting on the curb outside of church saying “oh gosh, can you believe last September when…” and that, my friends, is a wonderful feeling. God does some awesome things if you let Him, and sometimes I need that reminder. That even though we can’t see what’s ahead, something is there waiting for us.

Another reason Catherine is such a blessing in my life is that she’s a wonderfully talented country music singer/songwriter. She just recently wrote the most perfect song ever, “Rebuild,” which you can listen to by clicking here. And Catherine’s been nominated for the 2012 Georgia Country Best Female Artist. If you’re so inclined and have a spare two seconds, you can vote for her by visiting this webpage, which I know she’d appreciate :)


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