Surprises and answered prayers: DR part 2

I think one of the coolest parts of reading back through my journal from the trip is reading some of the prayers I wrote down and realizing how quickly God answered them. One of my favorite days from the trip all boiled down to an answered prayer and of course, God’s perfect plan, and I love it. The night before the last day of the trip, I was feeling incredibly drained, irritated, and anxious. There were a lot of things I wanted to cram in to our last night in the DR, and then I found out we were going to a village 2 hours away on Friday and spending the entire day there; I was not pleased. That night, I prayed about it – mostly for motivation to just get through Friday, but I still woke up cranky the next morning. Then, one of our translators, Augusto, approached me and said, “Lauren, I think we’re picking up Rachelle on our way to Bani.” Rachelle was one of Hebron’s translators last June when I was down there, and I’ve kept in close contact with her for the past year. She couldn’t translate for us this year though, so I’d only been able to see her for about 5 minutes total in my 2 weeks. When Gusto told me that she was coming, my attitude about the day immediately changed. We picked Rachelle up on our way to Bani, and I got to spend most of the day catching up with her. In a moment, I felt God telling me to stop trying to do things my way – stop making my own plans, stop trying to control how my day is going to be, and instead, just embrace what He has in store. Had I decided I was too exhausted to do anything on Friday, I would have missed out on my favorite day of mission work, as well as a whole day spent with my best friend in the Dominican.

The next day, I read through my prayers and in one from the previous week, I had prayed that Rachelle would be able to work with us one day before we left. I had also prayed for our other translators – that any working with us who didn’t know Christ would come to know Him. That Friday, both prayers were answered. God is good.

Let’s see, what else? In yesterday’s post, I touched on making new friends in the past 2 weeks who I quickly came to love. I met a few of my new friends through annoying interruptions while attempting to journal in the SCORE dining room, but by the end of that night, I was definitely grateful for those interruptions. Lori and I ended up playing cards with a group of translators and interns, and then I ended up spending most of my nights with people from that group for the rest of our trip. Little things like that make me beyond glad that I spent two weeks down there. Toward the end of the first week, I could completely tell that the Lord had so much more in store, and oh, did He deliver.


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