That’s a wrap!

I’m gonna open up with a disclaimer to say that there’s a lot of cheese at the end of this post, so either bear with me or just stop reading ;)

I’ve been in Georgia for a little over 48 hours now. At first it wasn’t weird at all to be home, but now I feel like I’m dreaming…like, literally dreaming, not that metaphor for life feeling perfect or whatever. I kept having these dreams while in Peru that we’d have to come home for a day and then fly back to Peru the following day – I currently feel stuck in the middle of one of those. But backing up for a second:

Friday was our last full day in Trujillo. I spent my morning in the hospital leaning about comas and brain tumors and understood every word of what I heard – it was awesome. Then I had my final for class, and packed a little before our group farewell dinner at this really nice restaurant called Chelsea. I woke up Saturday morning with pink eye in both eyes, so that made for a fun day of travel for me. We had one last group meal in Peru before saying our goodbyes to our families and heading to the airport for our 18-hour journey home: three planes, two layovers, minimal sleep, and no sight. The flights were smooth and quick for the most part. I accidentally spoke Spanish to more Americans that I can count once we landed in Miami and Atlanta, I keep forgetting that I can flush my toilet paper down the toilet, and the Spanglish is sticking around (luckily).

All of my new UGA friends are on a group text message now, and it’s making me the happiest, even if I am getting 12 texts at a time while my phone has low battery. I’m not quite having reverse culture shock yet, but I do miss Peru a lot. I did life every day with the same 10 people, and now I haven’t seen them in two days, so it’s weird. I overheard a conversation in Spanish in the mall yesterday and it made me overjoyed, and I actually miss eating rice. Well, maybe there is a little bit reverse culture shock happening…

But last night I hung out with a long-time friend who I haven’t seen in about 4 months. I’m sitting there telling him about my trip and my plans for next summer, and his reply is to tell me that I’m living such an inspirational life. And you know, it’s cool being told that, it really is, but it also made me realize something: that is exactly what I want my life to be. It’s not about being happy and making lots of money and traveling the world. And yeah, I have career plans, and some actual solid long-term goals, but what it comes down to is that I want to be an inspiration. There’s so much more that goes along with that, but I’ll save it for another day because I’m about to Skype into a work meeting since I still have pink eye(s).


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