How to boil potatoes and other mishaps

It’s Thursday night, and that means I only have 2 days left in Peru – and half of one of those will be spent in airports. I’m a broken record, but once again I’m going to say: time flies by  here. We’ve had a pretty good weekday routine here: wake up at 7 am, eat breakfast, go to the hospital for three hours, come home for lunch (cooked usually by my “brother” here, Luis, who has made some pretty great meals). Then class from 3-5:30.

Each day varies a little bit. On Monday, I got to see my first surgery at the hospital, which was a great experience. Then that night, a group of girls went out to pizza with a couple girls we met here in Peru – they were also my first goodbye, and it made me realize how hard saying goodbye to this entire country and trip is going to be. On Tuesday our group had a salsa lesson. Today we went to see Madagascar 3 in Spanish. And yesterday we had a cooking competition: each group had to prepare Papa a la Huancaína, a Peruvian dish of potatoes with a spicy cream sauce. I don’t cook, and neither, I found out, does my roommate, so we didn’t have high hopes. I even had to Google “how to boil potatoes.” We got pepper all over our fingers and they burned for the rest of the day, BUT Deanna and I came in second place with our papas. I’d consider that a success.

As for the other mishaps? Well, I had one of the most awkward moments of my entire life at the beginning of this week – but that story doesn’t need to be shared on the internet. And the best: I currently have pink eye. Sometimes, your luck just runs out.

But there was this moment I had last night during a conversation with a friend about everything I’ve been up to in the past month; it just sort of hit me as I was gushing about it all that this has been an opportunity that others can only dream about. Peru is absolutely wonderful. Incredible, amazing, I don’t have the perfect word to describe it, but I’ve loved it. I am so grateful for all of the events that led up to me applying for this trip, and even with the culture shock, the couple bad days, and the pink eye, I wouldn’t trade any of it. Saturday is going to be a hard day for us all.


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