One of the best feelings for me is having the realization that I’m learning and growing – not only here, but in the States and everyday life, I’ve always loved the realization of progress. I’ve been in Peru now for almost 3 weeks, which is actually sort of crazy for me to think about. Time has gone by so quickly here, and we’ve done so many things. The other day, a new friend, Caroline, and I got into a long talk about life and things while getting ready for a party, and it just dawned on me how much I’ve been learning and growing while being here. Catherine tweeted that same day saying “It’s a blessing that life is a process and always moving forward,” and those words are absolutely the truest. And being in a different country with all new friends – well, you really have no choice but to learn new things and just move forward.

1: Lee and Deanna labeling body parts for a class learning English. 2: Caroline and me before Saturday night’s party. 3: Entertaining myself during class. 4: Today’s view of the hospital while waiting for surgery.

I’m not only learning new things about myself and life, though, but I’ve also been learning a lot at the hospital these past few days, and improving in speaking and comprehending Spanish faster. Lisa and I have been with two other doctors since last time I wrote, both in neurosurgery. The one doctor was incredibly intimidating, but I learned a lot from him in our three days shadowing him, so it was worthwhile. However, our class right now is a bit of a joke. I haven’t learned much at all in regards to medical Spanish (hence the photo of the fortune teller I made during class yesterday to entertain myself). This past weekend we had a short tour of Trujillo and I tried ceviche, and then Saturday night was a party. On Sunday, a few friends and I went to the park and read (Harry Potter in Spanish for me), which was peaceful and a great way to spend a Sunday. Now we’re on week 2 of class and hospital work, and it’s flying by. I’m still in disbelief that I only have one weekend left here, but I know that still leaves me with plenty of time to keep learning, so I’m thankful.


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