So little time

You’d think being somewhere for a month would leave you with plenty of time to do/see everything you want to see, but I’m starting to wonder if I’ll be able to fit everything in to these next two and a half weeks with the class/hospital schedule we’ve got going here during the week days. This Monday, we started the “study” part of this study abroad trip. Bright and early Monday morning we were up and at el Hospital Regional. Lisa and I have been in trauma so far this week, and on Monday I even got to help put a cast on someone, which was kind of awesome. After the hospital, we all came back to our houses for lunch, and then had our medical terminology class from 3-5:30 at UCV. Pretty easy day that ended with a (very, very) long Skype call with my best friend and Gilmore Girls to fall asleep to. And then Tuesday came along…

I’ve discovered that bad days are a lot easier to talk about after the fact. And yesterday, well, it was bad. Bad from 7:45 am all the way until 8 pm. On the way to the hospital, our taxi in a super minor fender bender, but caused us to be late – that alone should have been a clue for me for how my day would end up. I don’t know why, but yesterday I suddenly got so overwhelmed with the Spanish — almost two weeks after arriving in Peru it finally hit? I was having some serious communication problems yesterday, and without going into details, it made for a really rough day. The doctor Lisa and I were with these first few days, Dr. Fernandez, was on-call at the hospital last night, so we also had to be there from 8-10pm. After my bad day, the last thing I wanted to do was go to the hospital again, but there I was getting into a taxi at 7:45. I decided to pray the whole way in the car…I have this thing with car prayers; they’re always answered immediately. Always. So I prayed during the ride, and then, sure enough, the nighttime hospital work went perfectly and I actually had fun. It was a rough day, but reminded me that God is so good as long as you remember to seek Him in all circumstances.

And then there’s today: a really good day. This morning’s hospital work turned into Lisa and me taking a little trip to Huanchaco, the beach town next to Trujillo, with Dr. Fernandez. When I say this town is perfect, I mean it…not that I saw it in its entirety, but we drove through and got out and sat by the beach, and I fell in love. Then this afternoon, our group had lunch with the mayor of Trujillo in Huanchaco – so I got to return to the perfect city (and we got to miss class because of it). I’m going to be hopefully making more trips there before the month is up, because I just want to take in as much of it as I can. So you know, as bad as bad days suck, there are good ones like today to make up for them.


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