Lost in translation

Living in a foreign country (even if it’s only for a month) can definitely have its ups and downs. And even more so, those highs and lows aren’t even necessarily a day-by-day thing, but more of an hour-by-hour ordeal. You never know what’s coming, and I’ve occasionally gotten frustrated lately with the lack of solid plans. But you know, I was reminded this morning while watching 12Stone online that God places everyone where they are for a reason. So here I am in Peru, and while I might get frustrated at times by the lack of plans or communication problems (like I’ve said, I’m not fluent. Confusion occasionally ensues), I was reminded this morning that I am most definitely in this place right now for a reason.

Saturday was another day of travel (I seem to have a lot of those, don’t I?) and included a flight from Cusco-Lima, short layover of Subway and the best McFlurry I’ve ever had from McDonald’s in the Lima airport, and then a flight from Lima-Trujillo. I’m living with one other girl from UGA named Deanna in a house with a mom, dad, and two sons (one works in Lima and the other lives here and attends the same university we’ll be going to). The family is super nice and has cooked some great food, so all is well (well, besides our shower, but you know, taking a cold shower every day is just something I’m going to have to get used to).

Yesterday started out a little rough for me, but it got better (and then worse, then better again) as the day progressed. Living with a new family can obviously be a little awkward at first, and throw in that you have to speak Spanish the entire time, and it can be downright difficult. I’m having to remind myself that it’s okay to ask them to speak slower and or to repeat themselves sometimes.  All of us UGA students were reunited yesterday morning after 12 hours apart and you’d think we hadn’t seen each other in weeks by our greetings. We got our scrubs for the hospitals and then some of us went to the laundromat and the mall for most of the day.

Last night we students (plus our two professors and TA) had a welcome dinner at a restaurant called Chicken King. Many of the faculty from UCV that greeted us at the airport were there, as well as a few boys from other countries studying here as well. The restaurant was extremely nice (don’t be misguided by the name’s similarity to Burger King), and it was fun to get to talk to the others there. They spoke both English and Spanish which I love – less things get lost in translation when you’ve got another language to fall back on.

After the dinner we went to a party for new students at UCV and then came home. I absolutely passed out when my head hit my pillow. The lack of sleep has definitely caught up with me, so today’s downtime (read: nap time) was much needed. Tomorrow we start our internships and class, which is sure to be yet another adventure.

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