World of Technology

I know some people don’t love technology – and yeah, I can see the negatives about it. But with days like today, I can also see how truly great it is. Today marked one week that I’ve been in Peru, and it has been such a great week! I am so loving this country, and the days have flown by for me. However, I miss my best friends. When you go from doing life with someone every day to not seeing them at all (even if it’s just a week thus far), it’s a big adjustment. Add together the Internet going in and out here, my busy schedule, plus friends’ in the States busy schedules, and it’s really hard to plan a time to talk to anyone.

Yesterday, our group arrived at CerviCusco, a non-profit clinic here in Cusco dedicated to prevention of cervical cancer. It’s the first time on this trip that we’ve actually done something besides sight-see and shop (not that I haven’t loved everything, but it’s nice to feel productive now). The clinic has a little dorm-like living area for volunteers to stay when they come, and the internet actually works here! So this morning I got to Skype with one of my best friends, and then after an afternoon of going through paperwork for the clinic, I got to Skype with my mom and FaceTime with one of my other best friends. And finally, the icing on top, tonight I got to Skype into my Thursday night Bible study. From Peru, guys! You can’t tell me technology isn’t great.

Tomorrow (Friday) we are headed out of Cusco and to Trujillo, which is on the coast of Peru. While Cusco has been amazing, I am definitely ready to see the coast of South America instead of mountains on all sides of me. Claustrophobia has started to kick in, so our departure is at the perfect time. Tomorrow we will each meet our families that we’ll be living with for the next three weeks, and then on Monday we begin classes and our hospital internship. Prayers are most definitely appreciated, and I’ll be sure to update as soon as I can :) (also, I’ll try to actually post pictures here instead of just on Facebook, but honestly, I’m just too lazy to.)


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