Sick & the City

Let’s be real: sometimes, even when you’re on the trip of a lifetime, you’re gonna have a bad day. So while I love Peru and mostly everything about it, yesterday was just one of those days. I’ll leave it at saying that have a stomachache all day while climbing through Incan ruins is not the most fun I’ve ever had.

But rather than complaining about one rough day (I’m feeling totally better today), I wanted to just mention some things about Peru from my first week here:
1. I miss ice. And milk. The milk thing I knew would happen. I drink so much milk at home. Here, cold milk is not common. But ice – never even thought about that one.
2. Everything here is super cheap. I bought a t-shirt for roughly 4 dollars.
3. I could never drive here. No one really drives in their lanes, and there is so much honking. (Why people honk, I haven’t quite figured out. Sometimes there doesn’t seem to be a reason).
4. I keep getting Spanish words/phrases stuck in my head.
5. I feel safer walking around at night here than I do at home.
6. All toilet paper has to go in the trash can, which can be kind of gross sometimes.
7. I tried alpaca yesterday. Next up is guinea pig (because yes, it’s a food here).

Today we’re headed out of our hotel in Cusco to go to a clinic for the next two days, and then it’s on to Trujillo on Friday. I again have no idea whether I’ll have internet access anywhere, so until next time, adios!


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