the beginning

Estoy aquí! The internet right now is a little sketchy, but I wanted to go ahead and give the update on my past two days before going to sleep for the night – and a much-needed sleep it will be. In short, the past two days have been full of travel and lacking much rest – but it’s completely worth it. I am in love with Peru already and it has barely been a day.

So, a brief overview of yesterday: mini-road trip to Atlanta with Catherine, Megan, and Sarah to drop me off at the airport, complete with Starbucks, lunch, and car prayers (my favorite thing on earth). Aside from that, Wednesday was pretty boring and absolutely full of travel – Atlanta to Miami, 5-hour layover in Miami; flight from Miami to Lima (which felt like it lasted an eternity), and then Lima to Cusco, where we’re staying for the next few days.

Today was a pretty relaxed day of attempting to catch up on sleep, lunch in our hotel, then exploring the city a little. I love it in a way I can’t explain. I was a little overwhelmed at first being surrounded only by Spanish, but now I’m finding myself getting more comfortable speaking, and I’m thinking half in Spanish, half in English.

As we were landing in Lima at 5 am, I looked out my window and saw a building with “Emmanuel” in huge letters on the side, which is Hebrew for “God is with us.” I think it was kind of an awesome first thing to see upon landing in a foreign country, and a wonderful reminder that even though my friends and family may not be here, God is definitely ever-present.

Since the internet isn’t great right now, I’ll wait until tomorrow to post any pictures. For now, I’m getting a good night’s sleep in my nice warm bed here in Amerinka.


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