How are you spending your summer?

Summer is here. It’s a time of renewal for me, and the season that I am always the happiest. I’ll always choose hot weather over snow, even if that means burning my legs on my leather seats every time I get in my car. Something about summertime just makes me overjoyed to be alive. I can’t really explain it.

Last June, I went on a week-long mission trip to the Dominican Republic. Long story short, it was an absolutely life-changing trip for me (ask me about it, and I’ll talk your ear off for a week). Leaving the country though sort of instilled in me this dire need to travel. So when I got back, I immediately started looking for study abroad information on UGA’s website. All of fall semester I said, “I’m going to study abroad next summer. I will.”

And with that determination, I found a program that suited me, applied, and got accepted to UGA’s Medical Maymester in Peru. From May 23-June 24, I’ll be in Peru with 10 other UGA students. We are interning in a hospital, taking a medical terminology class en la Universidad de César Vallejo, and living with host families in Trujillo, Peru.

I think part of me didn’t actually believe it was going to happen…and part of me is still a bit in disbelief. One week from tomorrow, I leave for Peru. I’m more excited than I could possibly explain, but it also hasn’t fully hit me (and probably won’t until I land in Lima next Thursday). I’ll be using this blog to keep friends and family filled in on my life while I’m away, so I hope you all enjoy and feel free to ask any questions. I love to talk about the trip :)

And to close, I’ll answer a question I (understandably) get a lot: “Do you know Spanish?” I’m minoring in Spanish at UGA and have taken classes over the past two years there. I am by no means fluent, but I can communicate. My biggest goal in going to Peru is to become more confident in my Spanish-speaking and to not be intimidated to speak in front of people here in the States.


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